6n23p -variations observed

The 6n23p design has changed a little over the years. These pictures show a few of the variations in the Voskhod version of the valve.

This picture shows three 6n23p, from 1972, 1974 and 1980. There is an arrow pointing at the anode plate on the'72 valve.

6n23p from 72,
            74, and 80

The '72 valve has a closed (or boxed) anode. Look at the '74 valve and you can see that the anode is completely open at one end, and only partially closed at the other - a redesign to the "open plate" 6n23p type. The 1980 valve shows a change in the internal connection system.

Pin 5 is marked for each valve - the '72 and '74 valves have similar internal connections (as do '78 valves), but the '80 valve is slightly different - the most obvious result of this is that the plate does not "face the side" on the '80 valve, but is at a different angle. You might also note that the getter pillar is not anchored in the same place on the '80 valve as it is on the other two shown.

You can see from this picture

6n23p front
            view, 72, 74, 80 

that they all have a similar characteristic dimple in the front of the plate. Most frame grid valves have that dimple design, but a few are a little different, eg. the 6f12p shown here -


The earliest versions of the 6n23p, from the '60s, have a double pillar getter, those shown here all have a single pillar getter. From observations, the change from the box plate to the open end plate design happened in early 1974 - I have a valve dated I/74 with the closed end plates, and another dated III/74 with the open end plates. The "tilt" resulting from changes in the internal lead-out can be dated to early 1979 - a valve dated II/79 does not show the "tilt" exhibited in a valve from V/79.

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